Valuation of Services

Services to Consider

A Comprehensive Package starts at the beginning of junior year in high school and includes all of the below topics that are applicable to the student, for a total of up to 30 hours, ending when the student goes to college freshman year.

  • Advice on HS course options (Regular, Honors or College/Advance Placement) in relation to student’s future
  • Interest inventories to help with career planning
  • Individualized help with deciding what extracurricular, summer and career-oriented experiences will best suit the student's personal and educational goals
  • Values sorter for what the student wants out of a college
  • Guidance through the college search process including a researched list given with colleges that would be the right fit for the student
  • Instruction on college essays and the application process
  • Navigating Scholarships/Financial Aid Programs
  • And more!

*Each month new topics will be explored for your child. A set monthly appointment will be made at your convenience to discuss each month's topic.

Senior Year Package:

A more condensed and accelerated package for a student who is starting this process going into senior year.

Prep Package:

For a younger student (freshman or sophomore) who wants to discuss preliminary college plans and review course selection, test prep options, activity plans, summer programs, etc. This would typically be 2-3 sessions with additional consultation as needed. Students who purchase a prep package may get a discount/apply the fee to a comprehensive package later in their high school career.

The services below are all offered at an additional cost

  • Maximizing High School Course Selection prior to junior year
  • Setting Future Goals and Expectations
  • Creating Better Study Habits
  • Planning Extracurricular Activities
  • Researching Summer Programs
  • Increasing ACT/SAT Scores
  • Preparing For Interviews

School counselors serve a very important function in the college application process. As an educational consultant, we will supplement the work of the school counselor by providing students with additional personalized attention and individual time outside of normal school hours. We are able to research and visit colleges extensively, work closely with students and families to ensure a great match, and help students stay organized and on schedule.

Studies show that students often limit their college choices to schools that their friends attend, those that have nationally renowned sports teams, or those located close to home. We can broaden these potential choices and help students identify colleges that will be the right educational, social and personal fit.

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